Technical Supervision

Technical supervision - supervision of construction at all stages of the project, including the quality, timing, cost, acceptance of work performed and commissioning of the facilities; The specialists of our company will do everything possible to achieve the maximum result in all types of supervision and construction expertise. Our company will carry out not only the highest quality technical supervision, but also provide expert assistance in cost optimization. In our work, the issue of identifying and fixing deviations from the project, verifying the compliance of the volume of work performed and maintaining a cumulative statement of the volume of work performed is very relevant - this is the specificity of the implementation of technical supervision in construction. Construction supervision services include: participation in the preparation and signing of certificates of examination of hidden works and intermediate acceptance of critical structures; control over the timeliness and correctness of execution of executive documentation; supervision of the compliance of completed (carried out) construction and installation works, applied building materials (products, structures) and equipment with approved design decisions and state (interstate) standards, including ensuring the strength, stability, reliability of load-bearing and enclosing structures and operational qualities of buildings (facilities); control of the availability of the corresponding right to the land plot, approved design (design and estimate) documentation, a positive conclusion of the examination of projects, as well as notification of authorities, carrying out state architectural and construction control and supervision, on the start of construction and installation works; supervision of compliance by the contractor (general contractor) with the requirements of organizational and technological documents that determine the technological process of construction and installation works; control over the availability of a license to carry out the relevant types of licensed architectural, urban planning and construction activities; control over the organization and implementation by the contractor (general contractor) of all types and forms of their own production control and construction quality control (input, operational, acceptance, laboratory, geodetic and others); regular and proper maintenance of the journal of technical supervision, as well as monitoring the implementation of their instructions, entered in the journal of technical supervision; Submission on a monthly basis to the state architectural and construction control and supervision body of a report on the state and progress of construction of the facility.